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How we roll

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It's About Time Advertising (IATA) only provides lead generation services to the B2B market in the United States, not to B2C or companies overseas.

After receiving your input and guidance regarding your company goals and mission, IATA will deploy the below strategies when selecting your SIC business categories and demographics for your lead list.

These lists include everything you would like to know about your prospect, including the company name, the Executive’s first and last name, address, state, city, zip code, website address, e-mail addresses, credit score, the executive’s gender, executive titles, fax number, the number of employees, the sales volume range, phone number, primary SIC code, primary SIC description, how many computers the company owns, and much more.

Here’s how we begin our campaigns:

(1) IATA will supply you with 1000 targets according to your SIC business demographic selection, one e-mail brochure design and the script our telemarketers will use, all of which must be inspected by you before we move forward.

(2) IATA makes preliminary calls to confirm that we are targeting the right decision maker in that company; we will give them a very brief overview of our intent and then ask for permission to send *marketing material.  Sometimes we are told to send it to someone else that makes that buying decision, and sometimes we are told that the services your company provides is needed immediately.

(3) Three to four days after the mailing, IATA will do a follow-up call to make sure the marketing material was received; at this point we will try to find out the challenges or concerns the prospect may have when considering your services, and we document the discussion, putting the information into a report that will be sent to you every two days.

If we receive positive feedback, we will attempt to set up an appointment, or notify you to answer the prospect’s questions and possibly close the deal. 

Many times the prospect's real questions is, what’s in it for them?  We will send them more detailed marketing material and have one of your seasoned salespeople contact them immediately.

This procedure is not written in stone, of course – you can tweak the script as we go!

If you’re interested, IATA will also provide the following:

(A) After extracting all the available e-mail addresses from the websites of prospects, we can send a mass e-mail blast campaign, for which your company will not be subjected to spamming penalties. All of our e-mail marketing campaigns are done from disposable hosting service companies. This service does provide a list of who opened your e-mail.

(B) IATA can provide a robot/virtual calling service, which can make 3000 calls per day and leave voice messages on answering machines with pre-recorded information.

(C) IATA has extensive experience in design, and can help you create:

• Corporate identity and literature systems, • Brochure design,• Catalog design • Direct mail design • Web site design • Print advertising • Newsletter design • Poster design • Presentation material design • Display design • Video production

We charge $25 an hour for telemarketing; this comes with desired market lists, an excel report on our conversations with the prospects every 2 to 3 days. 

*Graphic design, direct mail print literature, website design, fax and e-mail brochures are independently billed at $25 per hour, but you can supply these materials if you already have them prepared.  All these marketing avenues are necessary for a successful return on investment.


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