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Who are these people?

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This marketing team was established seven years ago. I, Gregory Newson (GN), graphic designer and website developer, needed to team up with an owner and business executive.  

Harry Richardson (HR) is someone who has a corporate temperament and etiquette, a person unlike me, GN, who is over-enthusiastic with a putting-the-cart-before-the horse personality, a person who wants to believe your hustle and hard work will persevere and get you through.   Five years ago I came to the realization I was WRONG.  Relationship building is paramount.

HR is a past owner of a multi-million dollar plumbing and construction company, which earned him his current lifestyle, including a beautiful home and ranch where he bred horses.  I constantly wonder why he works with me, and is always telling me to lighten up, but I continue to turn as black as Miles Davis.  And if you ever went to Miles Davis concert, you know how arrogant he was.

Ninety percent of the time, HR is correct.  Perhaps I remind him of his horse farm and a horse's ass, which is maybe why he sticks around.  His influence and teaching trains our freelance telemarketers who to work from home.

In the last five years HR has landed attractive accounts like Bacol truffles, dried mushroom and onion products; and an olive oil import company, Basso Molise Imports from Molise, Italy for which we started a campaign from scratch, including printing and website design. Production went all the way to cold calling gourmet stores and wholesale distributors for placement of products.  We also promoted electronic assembly manufacturers and many types of manufacturing services and product providers.

For the last year we've also promoted political candidates and non-profits with print, website design and virtual, robot calling and launch; 

The above overview is from GN's point of view.
HR does not necessarily find the above description encouraging, but feels nobody reads anyway and has allowed me (GN) to have some fun.


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