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Marketing strategies are very similar for both for-profit and non-profit organizations.  The prospect wants to know, “What's in it for me?"

It's About Time Advertising’s lead generation services and personal telephone follow-up campaigns are highly customize  according to client requirements – whether you want to reach the groups you already cater to, or expand your existing audience.  Every contact within your group is personalized and informative.

It's About Time Advertising’s background as a design specialist and promoter of product manufacturers and service providers has prepared us to create a unique portal to help corporations and non-profit organizations tap into new audiences and funding sources.

With heightened competition for traditional sources of funding, business leaders can find themselves spending most of their energy chasing dollars to keep their doors open instead of focusing on the most important thing: their mission.   Recognition and awareness are two of the most important things all businesses, both non-profits and for-profits, should work towards.  

Our organization helps businesses break out of this scarcity mode and develop marketing tools to effectively connect to the communities they serve, working to build sales, raise interest and meet customer and donor needs.

Building organizational collaborations is IATA’s mission.

These collaborations are not ordinary relationships, such as a non-profit renting space from a for-profit landlord or buying office supplies from a Wal-Mart. Instead, these are situations where a non-profit and its for-profit partner come together for a shared enterprise that complements the missions of both.

The most well known example is the Girl Scouts, who use licensing arrangements with a consortium of bakers to bake and distribute their famous Samoas, Thin Mints, and Tagalongs through the Girl Scout network. The cookie sales offer a learning experience for the Scouts, while the bakeries satisfy their mission of making a quality product that generates a profit. *Click here for more examples.

It’s About Time Advertising, LLC provides full client support with compelling and powerful concept development, creative designs, printing and copywriting. When you have the challenge, we have the solution, creating full campaigns or individual projects.  We offer:

• Logo design and branding
• Corporate identity and literature systems
• Brochure design
• Catalog design
• Direct mail design
• Web site design
• Print advertising
• Annual report design

• Gala materials design
• Invitation design
• Newsletter design
• Poster design
• Presentation material design
• Display design
• Product & On-site

If you are considering outsourcing design and lead generation, Please call; It’s About Time Advertising

Call: (845) 597-7548

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